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This year we chose to go to Lisbon, Portugal. We seemed to lack the enthusiasm that we usually have for our European trips. We had upgraded airplane tickets, nice hotels, but it was difficult getting motivated to actually go. It’s a lot of time and effort to commit to being away from the comfort of home!

Getting organized for a trip to any destination in another country is very important. The research that goes into what to see, how to get to those locations (is the timing right to squeeze in a trip to this or that city?), transportation to and from the airport, and then of course your wardrobe needs to be assembled, these things are all very important things to remember.

I always start with: Do we want to go on any tours? Our travel agent lines those up for us. Not this trip. They seemed long and didn’t spend enough time in areas that we wanted to go to. I did my checking on the web and organized a detailed list of the places people had gone to, places of interest for us. We found that two locations were going to be easy to get to by train and two of the other locations we would have to wait for a different vacation to visit. I did read through Rick Steve’s book this time because our neighbor had been to Portugal and let me borrow it. Its pages gave a lot of helpful hints on different monuments, churches, and of course the history behind them. Europe is so rich in history.

Clothes are always an important second step. Travel light but with the necessities for all locations and weather. People find that hard to do. We always take our walking tennis shoes and one other pair of leather shoes for going out. We wear the leather ones on the flight because of the ease of taking them off and on. This year we decided to take one suitcase for 10 days. We watched the weather report (a little rain) and then we packed. When organizing our clothes, I choose a natural color (black pants for example) of which every top can basically fit with. I figure that I can wear a top twice and then I add in two or three more (including long sleeve). 

We like to stay in one location and take day trips. First reason is that you really get to know the area and the customs of the locals. The second reason, you only have to unpack once. Then you can pay attention to organizing the schedule and what you’re doing that day rather than worrying about what you packed or where it is.

Lisbon was a wonderful surprise to us- Especially two locations. The first was Sao Vicente de Fora. This is a monastery that was founded in 1147. The wonderful surprise was the use of tiles in decorating rooms, galleries, and staircases. Tiles are used throughout the buildings and churches in Lisbon and all of Portugal. It has one very special surprise – an exhibition of 38 exceptional tiled panels based on the famous French poet LaFontaine’s fables. The fables (of which there are 239) have unfailing humor, an insight into human life, and although he started writing them for a sophisticated audience, they became excellent education tools for morals for children. They are still updated and printed today. See below some of the panels that went with the fables.



The second of the locations was the National Palace of Queluz. We have found that a lot of the cities we have visited all have a form of the famous Versailles in France. This was Portugal’s. We kind of stumbled onto it, we were there in the middle of the week and had the whole place to ourselves. We roamed around for hours. It was peaceful and again full of history and amazing architecture.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief travel essay and it will help you organize and enjoy your future vacations! If you ever need some personal help getting your home ready for a trip or your ducks in order for a vacation, you can contact me here!

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