Senior Organization & Retirement Preparation

As we get older, or our family members get older, we realize that we may need some help in caring for one another. The world gets more complex and we get busier as time goes on. As one of those companies that can cater to helping seniors, we’ve been happy to help many families get their homes in order.

Retirement Organization

fun-factA Place For Mom, a site that helps to connect seniors to living arrangements and resources. They’ve recently been kind enough to feature us in a small section about organizing and decluttering!

Keeping order is more important than ever as you get older. Many people keep decades worth of trinkets, paperwork, and supplies in their homes. Throwing out unnecessary items is a difficult task. Items can have a sentimental value, or be seen as necessary for some point in the future.

fun-factNipomo Organizing has spoken to the Phi Beta Phi Alumnae Club about what people can do with all of their clutter from ages 50 to 90 or above. The answer? Keeping a system of organization or donating items can help a person decide what they really need. – READ MORE

Why is organization important?

  • Paperwork is hard to keep track of when there are decades of records to deal with. If there’s an issue with bills, taxes, or medical information, having a clear filing system is incredibly important for your own benefit when any issues come up.
  • Organization isn’t just for seniors, it’s for their families as well. If something happens, it’s beneficial that the family can find whatever they need quickly and easily. We suggest keeping a lot of information such as medical reports for six (6) years, at least! 
  • Less clutter is less stress! This Huffington Post article goes into detail about studies that have been conducted that resulted in confirmation that a mess does cause a lower quality of life.
  • A more organized home is a home that’s easier to clean! Less time spent cleaning is more time that can be spent on doing all the things you love.
  • Retirement is a strange time for many people, when they may want to try out new hobbies or activities. Order makes trying new things easier.
  • Getting help starting an organization system makes future attempts to be clutter-free easier.


A Few Ways To Stay Organized

There are innumerable ways to organize your possessions and all the paperwork necessary to modern life. There are some simple things you can start with for the path to organization, tips from the experts!

  1. Keep bills in two stacks by date, paid and not paid, with the oldest in front so they don’t go too long without being taken care of.
  2. Plan out what you use most on a daily basis to rearrange for ease of access. A slight change can make a great difference!
  3. Keep a central or easily-noticed notepad or board for quick reminders of what needs to be done every day.
  4. Scan old letters or take pictures of mementos that aren’t needed or valuable. You can clear a lot of clutter this way.


Many other things can be done, but everyone needs to start somewhere. We can help!

For more senior resources, visit our Retirement & Senior Organization Resources. – CLICK HERE

Additional Resources:

Unlike other professional home organizers, the Orange County professional organizers at Nipomo Organizing Solutions try to use the organizing materials that you have on hand before recommending the purchase of new containers.

Let us help you tackle your organizing needs painlessly with our professional Orange County organizer experience and resources! DON’T BE EMBARRASSED. TRUST ME – I HAVE SEEN IT ALL!

Call 949-350-6042 to start your journey to complete home & office organization today!

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
Theodore Roosevelt

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