Images of Spring – Sorting & Deleting Photos

In the last 45 days, staying home has presented challenges to a lot of people. Personally, I have been so used to being out helping you all stay organized that staying home has been difficult. So, what has a professional organizer been doing with all this time?

One thing what I never get to do is work on my hobby – photography. On my computer as of the first of March I had over 98,000 pictures. They were organized for the most part into years, persons, trips, and projects. When you have a digital camera, it can be easy to also take several duplicate pictures any time you snap one, just in case someone has their eyes closed or to avoid blur. I had several copies of many images. In addition to purposeful duplicate shots, through several renditions of software changes, we had to reload pictures and in some years I had duplicates of even triplicates. So I set out on the Herculean task of cleaning up the collection.

First, I made sure that all the pictures had been allocated (tagged in the system that I use) to the right year, right person, right trip, or the right project. That left all my scanned pictures to deal with later.

Second, I had not made my yearly albums since 2011. Plus, I had the old scrapbooking album for the year 2002. I ordered the pictures from Costco and finished that album.

Third, I started in 2012 and for every year up to 2017, I did the pages digitally. I had print page prints. They were having a 50% print sale for pages for most of April and I ordered those five years. They have started to arrive and I am in the process of mounting the pages in the albums and putting them with our family history albums.

(An example from Wikimedia Commons.)

Fourth, I inventoried our Digital Travel books. For the trips we made, I assembled all the information and pictures to process them. One book got missed from 2014, two from 2015, and one from 2016. Those four books were either done or halfway done so I finished them and got all except one for 50% off. While normally somewhat expensive, regular deals means I can find another half-off deal at some point in the future to finish 2016!

Fifth, I have organized all the balance of my supplies and will donate everything I will not use in the future. Back in September I shared some of my tips for doing this, so it was good to put some of my own advice into practice.

Sixth, I have made a Travel book by year of what we did that year, where we went, and what digital activity I have completed.

Seventh, and of course when you are going through each year, a good final step is to get rid of all those duplicates, pictures you don’t like, and pictures of people you don’t remember. I know – getting rid of pictures can be very difficult but quality can be an easy way of separating out what you want to keep from what you can get rid of. Being an amateur photographer, you can’t keep all the pictures you take (good and bad). My database has gone from 98,790 to 93,664 (a 5,126 drop). I am sure I can get rid of more by doing through some older projects.

I would suggest that you take this time to go through your own files! Find pictures, notes, or programs you don’t want any more and do some electronic spring cleaning. Don’t forget to back up your collections if you can! Data storage is incredibly cheap these days, so getting an external hard drive or using a system like OneDrive or Google Drive can save your important electronic files in the case of an emergency like a fire or flooding.

So stay busy, stay possible, and this too shall pass.

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Theodore Roosevelt

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