Organizing Tips For A Small Business Or Home Business

You might not like record-keeping, but using some small techniques, you will learn to live with it and enjoy your free time that it provides to you. The following Orange County organizing tips will help teach you how to keep records and keep them organized.

Why keep records?

It’s important you keep good records to monitor the progress of your business.  Accurate records let you know if your business is doing well or just surviving.  Good record-keeping helps you prepare your financial statements, identify receipt sources, keep track of deductible expenses and prepare your tax returns.  To keep it as stress-free as possible, recordkeeping should be done throughout the year and not put off until tax time. This is one Orange County organizing tip you’ll want to stick with year in and year out.

What records should you keep?

Your recordkeeping should include a summary of your business transactions.  As an Orange County organizing I recommend this summary be kept in books, such as journals or ledgers, or with recordkeeping computer software.  Choose whatever system fits your business best, as long as it clearly shows your gross income, deductions and credits.

Which supporting documents should you save?

As an Orange County organizing I can’t emphasize enough just how essential it is to keep all supporting documents to legitimize the entries in your books and on your tax returns.  Supporting documents fall under three main categories:  gross receipts, purchases, and expenses.  Be aware of all allowable deductible business expenses.  Keep a notepad in your car to record business mileage.  Save every receipt in an envelope by month that pertains to your business.  Whatever method you use for filing taxes, the rewards you’ll reap for having all the allowable deduction will more than pay for the time it takes you to collect them.

Information from the Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service’s Publication 583 “Starting a Business and Keeping Records”.  More information go to

Unlike other professional home organizers, the Orange County professional organizers at Nipomo Organizing Solutions try to use the organizing materials that you have on hand before recommending the purchase of new containers.

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