Viral Shedding – Using Quarantine Time to Boost Mental Health

During these weeks of solitude, that have also brought on hours to thinks about what is really important in life. I personally have sorted through many different types of items. Clothes (of course,) books, recipes that I have cut out (but never used,) and my favorite: photographs.
We do not want to sit around and be miserable, comparing ourselves with others, or complaining that life is terrible. Saying goodbye to some of your things during this period of reflection might relieve stress and rid ourselves of some chaos in regards to our possessions. I want to help us all to find the real pleasures in life. Obviously buying things, which some do to make themselves feel happy, isn’t happening in today’s environment. So, let’s look at what some facts on true happiness:

  • While there is no scientific data to show that living with less stuff will increase your happiness, a growing number of people insist that this is in fact part of the solution of finding happiness.
  • An estimated 70 percent of American homeowners cannot park their car in the garage due to it being filled with belongings that don’t fit inside the house.
  • The average credit card debt for Americans who carry a balance is $16,000. Meanwhile financial hardship and work stress are two significant contributors to depression and anxiety.

We have 25 more days in April to go during the “stay at home” state wide health order in  Orange County, California and all other states. I suggest that we try to begin to find the meaning and purpose in life. Look at all the stuff you have accumulated – does it make you happy, secure, content?

Dr. Mercola has written many articles on the health benefits of happiness and has offered many different ideas to increase your happiness level but materials possessions have never been part of those studies. There’s no wealth of scientific data to show that living with less stuff will increase your happiness. However, over the past few years, a trend best known as “minimalism” has sprung up saying that elimination of excess material objects as the answer to their growing sense of unhappiness and discontent has really helped.

Happiness is in our memories of times, friends, family – inside of us – not in our things. Let’s focus on our health, our mental health, relationships, and personal growth (both at home and in the community.)

We have already reduced our spending – buying only what we need right now. In the next 25 days lets challenge ourselves to get up and be constructive in our own lives and surroundings. Let’s shed more stuff. Pick a number: 10 items per day, 25 per day. Just put them in a box in the garage and when the Salvation Army opens back up in the near future, they will be blessed with all these wonderful donations and gifts for others.

If you can’t decide what you might like to clear from your life, I’d love to help you devise a system like some of these suggestions! Everyone has things they’d love to keep, but sometimes it’s difficult to pick out what is worth it versus what’s cluttering up your life unnecessarily. An objective person might be able to help you overcome some of the difficulty.

Blessings and keep safe and healthy.

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"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
Theodore Roosevelt

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