Eliminating Waste While Being Environmentally-Friendly

Every year, we get thousands of letters and bits of junk mail. We also upgrade our devices. There are new phones, new computers, new toys and trinkets. What do you do with all of your things? 

If you just throw them away, you’re doing it wrong! Simply throwing away paper waste and mail is terrible for your personal information security. Those pesky bills and receipts that you throw away can be a treasure trove for identity theft.

Tossing your electronics in the trash is terrible for the environment too! They are full of boards with silicon, lead, and other precious, rare metals that can seriously harm the planet if put into landfills and other trash-dumping sources. If they degrade they can end up in your local water supply. 

So what can you do? You can visit the Re-Max Free Trash Day on Saturday, October 14.

Remax – Nancy Bicknell
Cell: 949-812-1827

Free E-Waste Recycling and Shredding
Re/max Premier Realty Parking Lot
25910 Acero, Suite #160
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Saturday, October 14, 2017
8 am to 12 pm

Whether you have a few letters that might need shredding or an old phone that you want to get rid of responsibly, stop by and know where your trash ends up! 

Post expires at 12:30pm on Saturday October 14th, 2017

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"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
Theodore Roosevelt

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