Getting Through Difficult Times: Finding Peace of Mind May Not Be Your Standard Organizing…

faithA big part of organizing is about efficiency and peace of mind.  We would like to take a few moments to recognize this, and find a different kind of peace by reflecting through this blog outlet here.

Dear Friends,

Many of you might not know but our community and our church was struck this week with a horrible tragedy. The family, members of our church, Bible teachers, a daughter involved in our youth group, and a son, were all lost on Tuesday to a murder/suicide. The son was the gunman and the reason is not known. It has been difficult for many to get their arms around this loss and the whys that goes with it.

Our Pastor’s sermon this morning dealt with “Getting Through Difficult Times” and I wanted to share with you the three points he gave us.

Share your feelings and emotions – it is the language of the heart. People shouldn’t talk us out of not sharing and talking about the pain. Hiding the pain will cause more pain. Always listen but don’t ever tell someone you know how they feel – you really don’t. And parents- parent from faith not fear. Let your children express their emotions and feelings. Don’t be self-relevant . That is how society would want you to be and act.

What does this mean to us as church? We have to work harder to erase the stigma of mental illness. There is a stigma that you have problems, you are weak if you ask for help. It is a smart thing to ask for help. The church is seem sometimes as a country club environment to society – they think we have it all figured out – it is a game. “Religion and faith are not a GAME” said Pastor John. “I didn’t dedicate my life to a game.” Focus on the Bible. Society thinks that a Christian life means all your problems go away and you walk above everyone. In John 16:32-33, Jesus says you will have trouble, you don’t get a free pass from tragedy in life.

Where was God and why did this happen? God is not the author of death. God is just as outraged over what happened. This has to do with “free will” and how people decide to live their lives. Christ died for us – He understands a violent death –which this certainly was. There is hope in the risen Christ and for the family members that believed, they are with our Lord.

So these are thoughts – and if you would like to forward this on to others please do so.

With loving thoughts,


Idea Credit: To John Steward of Mount of Olives Lutheran Church in Mission Viejo, CA 

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