Staying Organized During the Holidays

Happy December everyone!

It’s that time again… less than two weeks before Christmas and you are probably scrambling to get all your shopping, baking, and other tasks done.

Unfortunately during all the joy and holiday cheer, our waistlines aren’t the only casualty. It’s likely that your home is probably looking a bit like a war zone where wrapping paper and boxes are the weapons of mass destruction!

“As I’ve begun to get caught up in all the holiday activities with two small children at two different schools, Christmas shopping, and a move, I have just been putting all papers into a pile that’s beginning to take over my desk and spill into the living room!” – Anna B., Orange County, CA

Uh, oh – sounds like Anna need an Orange County organizer like Nipomo! Pretty soon you might just have a bunch of “neat piles”. Sadly, no pile is ever really “neat”, especially when the word “spilling” is involved!

So how can you keep up with everything these next couple of weeks and STILL stay organized?

  1. Spend 5 minutes and save 15! When papers come home from your child’s school, or you have a bunch of mail come in, do not let it sit on your desk, table, or other surface for even a minute! Sort through that small stack right away and make sure you trash (or recycle) what you don’t need and you keep the rest. No piles!
  2. Don’t turn your “paper keeps” into a pile! Whether you use a bulletin board, a magnet on the fridge, don’t let the paper pile up. Go green and digital – snap a picture of the flyer or paper you need so you have the info, then recycle what you got. If it’s an event, add it to your smartphone calendar or paper calendar, and get that extra paper out of your house.
  3. Don’t let the mess spread! Ok, it’s Christmas, you’re going to have some messes. Keep them all in one place. Pick one table or desk to be your problem child for the stuff you have to keep a little messy with gift wrapping or crafting projects. At the end of each day, organize what you need to leave out and put away what you don’t need. You don’t want to have a panic attack on December 26th as you survey the “damage”.

Most of all, relax – remember that organizing and cleaning as you go is the best way to stay organized all the time. While you might not feel like it, this strategy always saves you time. But if you get overwhelmed, or feel like your system just isn’t working, call us and book an appointment with the Orange County organizing experts here at Nipomo Organizing Solutions! We are happy to help you survive the holidays!

Unlike other professional home organizers, the Orange County professional organizers at Nipomo Organizing Solutions try to use the organizing materials that you have on hand before recommending the purchase of new containers.

Let us help you tackle your organizing needs painlessly with our professional Orange County organizer experience and resources! DON’T BE EMBARRASSED. TRUST ME – I HAVE SEEN IT ALL!

Call 949-350-6042 to start your journey to complete home & office organization today!

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
Theodore Roosevelt

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