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When an individual sets out to reorganize their home, workspace, or office, it’s no easy task. Those who forgo hiring a professional Orange County organizer will have quite a daunting task ahead of them and can quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer size and time required of such a project. The one area where individuals who choose to organize themselves hit a snag is the portion of an organizational project where they must ask themselves what to keep, what to throw out, and what to recycle.

It’s not always easy to determine what you want to keep and what needs to be thrown out but determining what needs to be recycled can be a whole other ball of wax altogether. Determining what is recyclable and what is not is often the first and largest hurdle do-it-yourselfer’s face when they set out to organize their office, workspace or home. In reality many people don’t realize that their local recycling programs except much more than they might expect. The following are a few examples of items in an office or workspace that often cause confusion and sometimes get thrown out needlessly.

  • Envelopes with plastic windows
  • Sticky notes
  • Glossy paper
  • Paper and Staples
  • Cardboard and tape
  • Paperback books
  • Shredded paper
  • Plastic food containers

Contrary to popular belief all of these things are now widely accepted by local recycling programs but because this wasn’t always the case many of these things are often just thrown out. While it can be difficult to discern which items in an office home or workspace are recyclable working with a professional Orange County organizer will help clear the dilemma and ensure that things that can be recycled will be. This is also a great way for individuals who are reorganizing to save and even make a bit of money.

Recycling is a great way to not only help the environment and make a bit of money on the side but it makes the reorganization process much smoother and leaves you with less to throw away. If you’re unsure of what to recycle and what to throw away as many people often are, don’t hesitate to contact a professional Orange County organizer for assistance as he/she will be more than happy to help you determine what goes and what stays.

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