“De-cluttering for retirement”: An Orange County Register Featured Article by Judy Flores

You may have previous read our feature, “Organizing For Later In Life: Tips for Orange County Home Organization” where we highlighted a speaking engagement with the Pi Beta Phi South Coast Alumnae Club with the topic, “What can I do with all my stuff at ages 50-90?”

We took this message to the Orange County Register article, “De-cluttering for retirement,” where we expanded on the topic to highlight 4 simple ways to assist retirees and their families reorganize.

1. Each day toss one thing and donate one thing. In one year you will have thrown out 365 items and donated 365 items. To add some fun to the challenge, make it a family contest to see if all members can keep up or make the contest between friends or neighbors.

2. Minimalist blogger,Joshua Becher’s created a challenge called 12-12-12 to de-clutter and organize a little faster. Donate 12 items a day, throw 12 items away and return 12 items to the proper places (which really helps in the clutter of areas of the house). In a year, you will have donated 4,380 items and thrown away 4,380 items.

3. A really easy challenge was designed by organizing expert Ann Heasley. In 40 days, get rid of 40 bags of stuff. Set a start date and a finish date so if doesn’t drag on during the whole year. (This is based on the 40 days of Lent). You can pick any time schedule that works best for you.

4. The last one challenge is for this upcoming year is 2016. Challenge: donate 2016 items (DVD, books, CD, knickknacks). There is no need to set a time table. Keep track and you will be amazed at what you’ve accomplished.

Read the full article,  “De-cluttering for retirement” at The Orange County Register. CLICK HERE

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