Beyond Budgets: Gift-Giving While Staying Organized

So many of you are off running around doing your Christmas shopping. There are a lot of good apps out there to help you stay organized for your shopping budgets. Most of them you start with the total dollar amount that you have to spend and as you enter the name and the amounts you have spent, and you have a new balance. Or you can do it by carrying a 3×5 card around with you in your wallet with your list, the amount for each person, name of the gift, and the total dollars. This way you can stay in your budget.

If you don’t have a budgeting app, there are a few really nice ones, like YNAB (You Need a Budget), Mint, Everydollar, or just a pen and paper!

I would also like to suggest a few books to look at for your family and friends. One of these might match someone on your gift list.

The first one is by Ed Ewart called Marzipan Bananas. Pastor Ewart has written 16 delightful stories about his life that have true meaning and will make you chuckle as you read them. He has used them in many of his sermons at Mount of Olives Lutheran Church in Mission Viejo, CA. As he writes, “Truth is truth in any age and to every generation.” These 16 stories have been written as a legacy to his 16 grandchildren. The book is also available on

The second book is by Candice Payne called Simple Joy. Candice Payne was recently interviewed on Hallmark’s Home and Family. An inspirational speaker this book is uplifting, helping you find the joy and happiness in everyday life. Her direct thoughts: “I could write a million words, books, and even songs to explain this, but my gut feeling tells me you didn’t buy this book for a theology debate. You are reading these pages hoping to find joy – real, authentic, and unwavering in any and all circumstances. The kind of contentment that says, ‘I’, not only happy, but I’m satisfied as well. I have enough and I am enough.’ Because what I’ve discovered is this: contentment will often lead to more joy.” The book also has a journal that can be used with it or separate called Consider It Joy. It helps you be creative and join the journaling world (which a lot of us wish we could do) by customizing a bullet journal that also serves as a planner, habit tracker, and motivator to experience joy for a 6 month season. Also available in stock at

The last book is Pull it off by artist and musician Julianna Zobrist. Noted for her daring fashion and creative ideas, she digs deep into her personal life to expose why feel we can’t “pull it off”. The force that is explains that is the greatest in your life (parenting, marriage, career) is the negative force you create for yourself. She reveals how we can be transparent and vulnerable and yet secure and confident enough to walk through life facing our fears. The book is broken into three parts that address issues of authority, identity, and security to reveal the root issue of where our fears stem from.

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