Donating in 2017: Finding A Home For Your Stuff

17233058042_b2a96148e4_bA new year can come with many resolutions and ideas to start forming good habits. This year, one of the best habits people could get into is tossing out their old stuff that’s no longer needed. Rather than simply throw those things away, donate! There are a many benefits to donating:

  • Less items around the house can make it easier to clean and organize. Decluttering is good for the mind and less time cleaning.
  • Less fortunate people can certainly use the items you no longer need!
  • Many donations can be written off on your taxes. (Important before April!)
  • It feels good to help a charitable cause.

What’s your favorite reason?

To help with your potential donations this year, here is a list of places that can aid you in getting rid of unwanted stuff in Orange County:

Laura’s House Thrift Store949-472-8800
Drop off Portobello Road
23635 El Toro Road, Suite F
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Circle of Concern – 800-499-5121
Accept anthing useable and doesn’t need cleaning
Call for Pick up days in your neighborhood

Salvation Army – 800-958-7825
Drop off in Lake Forest off of Rockfield

Veterans Donation
The items you donate generate the majority of the funding to support local, state, and national programs of the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Orange County Hauling:
Ted 949-315-0532
They haul junk and trash for a small fee!

Reliable Hauling:
Mark 949-230-9856 or cell 714-203-4441
Haul junk and trash for a small fee, similar to Orange County Hauling!

You could make a big difference just getting rid of those things you don’t want or need anymore. Fond wishes for a new year and happy spring cleaning to come!

Unlike other professional home organizers, the Orange County professional organizers at Nipomo Organizing Solutions try to use the organizing materials that you have on hand before recommending the purchase of new containers.

Let us help you tackle your organizing needs painlessly with our professional Orange County organizer experience and resources! DON’T BE EMBARRASSED. TRUST ME – I HAVE SEEN IT ALL!

Call 949-916-8027 to start your journey to complete home & office organization today!

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
Theodore Roosevelt

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