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Hi – I’m Judy your Orange County professional organizer and this special section is important to me due to the fact that my Dad used to write book reviews for his Ham Radio Magazine.  The books didn’t have anything to do with being a radio operator but people seemed to enjoy hearing about books, stories, and lessons that you might learn if you picked the book up to read it.

Books really haven’t gone away, they have just changed formats, as do a lot of areas in our lives do.  I love Danielle Steel and instead of having a whole bookcase of books (and I have three rows of the older ones) I now collect them on my Kindle and move them to my Mini IPAD when I am traveling.  I can carry five to six books easily when I am traveling.

So the story in regards to the logo seen here – my Dad drew it – “DLL” and W6DLL – are call letters.  When you are a ham radio operator, voice or Morse code key, you have call letters and that is how you say hi or sign off.

So here you will be finding some of the books and tidbits that I have picked up from them either quoted by the author or paraphrased.  I hope you enjoy this section.  Now, I am not a fast reader but I will try and post a new one for you all every month.


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