Women Power and Money: Retirement Planning with Vicki Gunvalson


I am very fortunate this week to be called back by Vicki Gunvalson of Coto Insurance to assist her in a move to her new office in Irvine. As I was packing the corporate literature she uses, I saw that …

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Donating in 2017: Finding A Home For Your Stuff


A new year can come with many resolutions and ideas to start forming good habits. This year, one of the best habits people could get into is tossing out their old stuff that’s no longer needed. Rather than simply throw …

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui (which means wind/water) is the ability to balance the energies of any given space to assure a person of health and good fortune. The knowledge of feng shui takes years of study because of the complexity, according to …

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Hoarding: The Talk Of The Organizing World


Hoarding is the talk of the organizing world. The majority of organizers do not work with hoarders. It takes a well trained team of people to handle a hoarding situation. My clients say they are afraid that they are hoarders …

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