The Path Between The Seas (and Indy The Puppy)

During a recent trip to South America, I had the pleasure of seeing the Panama Canal. For those who have not experienced that, it is amazing, called one of the “wonders of the world.” The history and the culture surrounding the canal are truly astounding. In the 1880’s, the French took on the task of trying to dig out a canal. Nearly eighty eight thousand (88,000) invested in a failed project to build it!

"Indy" is wonderful little puppy, part of a magic team that you might be fortunate to see. She's a smart cookie.

While alo on this top, I met “Indy” a wonderful little puppy, part of a magic team that you might be fortunate to see. She’s a smart cookie.

If you’re interested in the history of such monumental efforts, I would suggest anyone read David McCullough’s book “The Path Between the Seas”. We heard about it from a Bible study teacher and got it a week before we sailed. At about 600 pages long, it is the remarkable story of the canal from when the French tried to build it until the time it was taken over by the United States. It was a long process – but a very well written book.

The amount of manpower and planning that went into the Canal is staggering. Tens of thousands of people worked for decades to connect the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. Between the different countries and attempts, millions of dollars were spent on trying to make shipping and ocean travel safer/easier. David McCullough is an amazing historian who has earned many different awards for his different works. I have been told all his books are easy to read and it makes history very interesting if you are so inclined.

Next time tackling organization around the home might not seem like such a monumental task after taking into consideration the work that goes into projects like the Panama Canal!

Thanks! ~ Judy

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