Book Review: “12 Steps to Becoming a More Organized Woman” By Lane Jordan

12stepsThis is a book with refreshing and uplifting tips for organizing different areas of your life. It presents itself in a positive layout and stresses PRIORITIZING the important areas of your life. One needs to set goals, make one list, delete activities that are considered “busy work” and help you develop the time to spend in building relationships with family, friends, and God. She stresses putting God first, then your husband and family, and then the rest will all fall into place.

We are always on the run in today’s society. She suggests one or even two days a week at home or in your office with no appointments. It allows you to stay caught up on responsibilities.

Scheduling our time as women is so important. What we ask ourselves all the time is, “How can I possibly do it all?” We add so much in our lives that “we” get lost. Staying organized is a way of life.

Read the book by sections and incorporate the tips slowly. Incorporating too many tips (changes in habits) too fast will lead to frustration. You need to make changes slowly to make them last.

Chapter 3 talks about scheduling your day, which is about time management. It talks about making the most of every moment.

Chapter 5 talks about getting in shape. Ms. Jordan gives you something to think about to help you refocus your health:

H Too hungry all the time
A Too angry will change your need to eat more
L Lonely – just me which creates pity parties
T Too Tired – trying over and over to keep up

Think about the world HALT. You can stop and rethink. Without your health you are not good to anyone. Your family, your friends, your business, or to God.

The chapters go on and on. Creativity, reaching out to help others, changing your house into a home and restoring yourself.

Lane Jordan is a recording artist, author, actress, and a national speaker. She has a degree in journalism and broadcasting. She is also a Life Coach. She has also written a book called “12 Steps to Having a More Organized Christmas and Holiday Season”. We will present some tips from that book during the summer months.

Enjoy – a great read for anyone.

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